As a small growing business, time is often as much a precious asset as watching the bottom line.  Often, the small business owner already works long hours wearing the many hats that come with the title.  Clearly, any entrepreneur could better use that time to grow his or her client base rather than to log a shoebox full of receipts, or staying on top of the invoicing and payroll responsibilities.
       I created TCS Bookkeeping, Inc. to provide affordable and tailor-made solutions for the bookkeeping tasks that all too often fall behind due to lack of time or simple procrastination.  In the end, these delays could result in a loss of time and money.  Whether you own a computer or prefer a simple hard copy system, with TCS Bookkeeping, Inc. you don't have to be an organizational guru.  For those who are "allergic" to accounting tasks altogether, we also offer affordable ongoing maintenance services.
                     We invite you to check out how we can free up your time and save you money.

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